“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

'The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.' - Robert Swan

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14 thoughts on ““The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan”

  1. When we can’t save then how possible that other can save our beautiful planet….plz friend plz save our planet do not destory it otherwise our planet also destory us… We can also seen result “20april 2015” a danger earthquake who’s destory more than 1000 people life

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  2. After listing the main problems of this earth, it is time to think how to remedy it or rather who will find remedies to these problems. The immediate answer will be ‘the government and the concerned authorities’. But then, who are these ‘concerned authorities’? What are they supposed to do to solve the diverse problems faced by various parts of the world? The problems and their effects are so divers that it is difficult to prescribe a common strategy to deal with them. The common man tends to hoist the responsibilities to the shoulders of the ‘government’ and the ‘authorities’ and go about his own business comfortably. This has been the policy of mankind from time immemorial; put the blame and responsibility on others and escape.

    But now the time has come for each of the earthlings to take up his own responsibility of preserving this planet for himself and the coming generations. But again, it is the habit of man in general, to think that the impact he himself makes on the problem is negligible. He thinks that if he uses a highly polluting vehicle it doesn’t make a difference. If he cuts down a tree for his needs that is alright because it is only one tree after all!

    He expects others to follow the norms and make a difference. We know that there should be a general awareness about these things. But who will go about spreading this awareness? Of course, somebody else, because we are busy with our lives.

    The level of carbon dioxide and other such gases have increased so much that it has become a blanket over the earth trapping the sun’s heat.This has produced the green house effect and the result is global warming. The sea level is increasing and within a century the habitable land on earth will be reduced considerably. The increased temperature of the sea is causing the destruction of plankton, which is the first link in the great food chain. This means that it is going to affect the food habits of man.

    The use of the fossil fuels is the main cause of this. the CFC emitted from refrigerators and air conditioners is another problem. But who is ready to check the use of these? The car pooling system and using public transport will reduce the emission from vehicles. But when it comes to the convenience and comforts of using our own car, we are not ready to adopt these. There lies the whole problem. Again we are expecting others to act.
    When we need timber for our use, or if we think that an overgrown tree spoils the look of our drive or obstructs the view of our magnificent house we don’t think twice before cutting it down. We talk a lot about the need of afforestation and prevention of deforestation. We think paying lip service to the cause is good enough; we have done our duty.

    When we throw our household waste on to the public place, we think nothing of it. Still we deliver speeches about waste management and the necessity of keeping our surroundings clean. Our factory waste should be discarded. But where? Of course to the convenient river nearby. It will flow away and no harm done. After all the sea is vast. But what about the people living on the banks of the river? What about the fish in the river? When it comes to our own business we consider the impact negligible.
    In short, we are so selfish that we are not ready to alter our own lives to find solution to a common problem. We consider talking profusely against the problems will do. When it comes to the solving part of it we expect others to do it. Some of us are not ready to be involved in the campaigns or talk about it because we think, “what can one person achieve?”. We think that if we refrain from using an old car what difference will it make. This is also derogatory to the cause.
    The need of the hour is that each and every person on earth should act in every way he can, however small the act may be. If every man on earth refrains from adding to any kind of pollution, he is doing his bit in saving the earth from global warming. If every man avoids destroying the vegetation on earth, he is helping in replenishing the depleting oxygen level on earth. As the old adage would have it, ‘many drops make the sea’.

    Everyone in the world thinks putting the things in order is not his job. The present critical condition of the world is because of this apathetic attitude. The world was made a better place to live in by people who thought it their responsibility to put something right they found wrong. If Lincoln would not abolish slavery, who would? If Mother Theresa would not help the poor and the afflicted, who would? We must dare to clear the clutter we see. We must try to do all that we can to wipe a tear; to plant a tree; to resist the temptation of littering the road; to follow all the traffic rules. If all of us will take careful actions ensuring all’s welfare, then all the ills in the world will automatically disappear. We must not ignore the problems that are ailing our society. We will have to be proactive in taking action. We will have to stop being selfish. If we put it off till another day, may be that day will never come! It has already been delayed. So let’s not pass the buck on others; let’s all become responsible doing little good we can by taking actions.
    The planet earth where we are living in the present century is facing alot of problems and they are becoming so serious that it will be difficult for the habitual of the earth to survive
    The main reason is the global warming that is
    submerging many low-lying islands in the ocean.
    pollution is so high that there are rare place to breathe a clean air
    the life on earth is dwindling forests are continuously decreasing and amount of oxygen also decreasing
    After listening to these problems there must be some remedy for them
    we dont have to rely on others for solution
    we have to work by own ,have to feel our responsibilities to save our planet
    every one of us should avoid polluting it and have to grow as many plants as we can and have to recycle the waste because every drops contribute to make a river

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