Ideas for Climate – A global uniform footprint value system for all products of consumption.

Let’s launch #Ideas4Climate. Here already an idea of mine: A global uniform footprint value system for all services and products of consumption.

The school strikes and the many other demonstrations for the climate, are wonderful initiatives. But in order to call for real change, we should not only focus on the identification of the issue. Let’s use our creativity to brainstorm and find ideas how we really can decrease our global ecological footprint. Therefore, I very much would like to share an idea of mine – with the hashtag “Ideas for Climate” – and I hope many other ideas will follow.

So, yesterday evening I was wondering how many liters of kerosene can basically go into a fully-fueled airplane. The number is shockingly high, even if you recalculate it per passenger. But when you buy an airplane ticket or if you consume any other product, there is almost nowhere an indication of the real ecological impact behind.

Imagine. What if every product or service globally had a footprint indication value, within a global uniform value system. So, we can compare products not only based on their price but also on their ecological impact. Besides that, with all new technologies emerging such as the internet of things, it would become possible in time to keep track of our own personal footprint, based on the data behind all the products we buy.

We consumers, we people, decide how the market looks like. Our choice and our behavior determines which products and companies are successful. Therefore, let’s ask our governments to create the tools that help us making the right choice. And maybe in time, even tax advantages can be given to those who have a small yearly footprint, related to their consumption and productivity.

Please share your comments or add-ons on this idea, or simply propose something new.

Greet Ilegems


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3 thoughts on “Ideas for Climate – A global uniform footprint value system for all products of consumption.”

  1. Mijn stem heb je. Het is gewoon unfair dat er zelfs geen te-voet-vergoeding is om naar het werk te gaan, er geen beloning is als je auto- en vliegtuigvrij leeft, lokaal geteeld eten koopt etc.

    Ideetje: heel hoge taks op leegstand. Zo komt de bouw- (en dus natuurvernietig-) stop er misschien vanzelf.

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